Euan Gallacher
Design, Direction
& Illustration
Euan Gallacher
Design, Direction & Illustration


OpenHome is an open platform geared towards high-end audiophile quality audio streaming in your home.

My brief was to create a brand identity that could flex to suit different audiences. It had to work for consumers interested in a home streaming solution as well as companies interested in integrating OpenHome technology in their own products. Designed at D8.
I created an image treatment to use with existing home audio manufacturers’ photography. Each touchpoint (speakers, controllers etc) is highlighted with a colourful image treatment that gives an impression of the seamless network OpenHome creates between devices.
The identity is supported by a radiating pattern that spirals out from the central dot of the logo. It acts as a dynamic expression of a home audio network.
The logo is an abstraction of connecting two points, it can appear in place of a letter H in brand messaging and also expand and contract to be used in expressive type treatments or diagrams.
The identity also features a suite of icons built from the same simple shapes as the logo. These were drawn by myself and my D8 colleague Scott MacDonald.

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