Euan Gallacher
Design, Direction
& Illustration
Euan Gallacher
Design, Direction & Illustration

Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club is a great service allowing designers and non-designers alike to create and print their own newspapers! They print everything from one-off school history projects to thousands of menus for Yo Sushi.

They needed a brand that was professional enough for the big clients, but still reflective of the smaller scale print-enthusiast community that sits the core of the brand. I carried out the complete brand identity and illustrated the new mascot. Designed at D8.
The hero of the identity is the aptly named paperboy, Russell. His job is to bring a sense of fun and exploration to the brand, popping up on print samples and the website to coax you into printing your own newspaper.

His look is inspired by classic 50s mascots with some more modern sensibilities.
The brand identity takes cues from the vernacular of newspaper design, with a masthead style logo, classified ad-esque business cards and wood-type inspired typography that flexes between different weights for maximum impact, the ultimate punchy headline!

The colour palette is a celebration of newsprint, with every so slightly muted yet bright CMYK process colours, reflecting the nature of the printed products they offer.

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